Our Favorite Five Coffee Spots in Cusco City


Coffee culture has touched all corners of the globe, and in the past few years Cusco has built a diverse repertoire of cafés that have something to offer beyond just a cup of Joe. Here we share our favorite five with you:

1. La Valeriana: in the historic center.
From location to ambiance to delicious sweet and savory treats, this spacious yet quaint and welcoming place is perfect for a tea time stop to sit and enjoy.


2. La Rabona: one of the best chocolate cakes in town.
A charming spot for a quick coffee or treat, or to take it “to go.” Here you will find healthy and delicious artisanal sweets, and they have thought of everyone so even the gluten-free can indulge here!


3. Plaza Cafe: location, location, location.
In this café you will have one of the best views of Cusco’s Main Plaza. If you see an open table on the balcony don’t hesitate and make your way up to enjoy a coffee and a view!

4. Cocoliso Cafe: a hidden gem.
Walk into the Cocoliso space and you will enter a different dimension. Find a quirky café with art on the walls, an outdoors sitting area, and a mostly alpaca-made clothing store. A charming place to stop by, drink, eat, and shop!



5. Deli Monasterio: walk inside, yes, further in.
El Monasterio hotel is a landmark on its own, but what many don’t know is that the café next door is a great place to enjoy a coffee, a tea, or a craving in a quiet and intimate terrace. As if in a NYC speakeasy walk past the window with sandwiches and sweets, walk through the door and past the bar-looking room, walk through the next door and you’ll find yourself in an elegant, green space where you can sit and relax.


Is your favorite Cusco coffee spot on our Favorite Five list? If not, which one did you love?

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