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Food in Salkantay

This guest post is provided by Reena from The Lifestyle Enthusiast, a London-based luxury travel blog covering the best in worldwide travel and food for busy professionals. “I’ve trekked before, all over the world, but this surpasses any dish I’ve ever eaten on an adventure holiday, maybe any holiday” one of our party exclaimed whilst […]


Sharing our Mother/Daughter Experience

From Gail: The Mother/Daughter trip I had with Mountain Lodges of Peru was filled with beautiful scenery, cultural experiences and unique activities. There was nothing better than being able to share this with my adult daughter. Our time in Peru has left both of us with memories we will cherish forever. Life is busy and […]


Earth Day 2018

In two years, the Earth Day Network will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its mission to “diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide”. ( Over the past forty-eight years, Earth Day has indeed gone global. Over 141 countries around the world, including Peru, participate in each year’s initiative. Since 2006, we here at […]


Inti Raymi

For the Incas, the winter solstice marked not only the beginning of winter, but also the beginning of a new year. As is customary in many cultures, they celebrated the New Year with grand ceremony, but for the Incas the meaning of this day was more profound than just a new beginning or a turning […]

El Mercado-1

My Cusco experience with the little ones

Like everyone says, if you are visiting Machu Picchu, Cusco is not a town to pass through. It deserves a few days to explore. Based high in the Andes, its best to initially stay in Aguas Calientes to acclimatise to the higher altitude, especially with little ones in tow. Cusco is a beautiful city with […]


Mercado San Pedro

Cusco’s central market, the Mercado San Pedro, is the place to visit to get a glimpse of local city life. Much more than just a place where fresh produce is sold, it’s also one of the best food hubs of the city, offering breakfast, lunch and everything in-between. Here´s my suggested tour to get the […]


Mama Coca: Myths and Songs

For the Andean people, life itself, from birth to death, is profoundly immersed in the sharing and the consumption of coca leaves. Mama Coca or Mother Coca is so highly regarded and sacred, that not only the living chew the leaves on a regular basis, but also the dead carry coca leaves in their mouths. […]


Our Favorite Five Coffee Spots in Cusco City


Inti Raymi: Cusco’s biggest celebration of the year


Tarwi: The Andean Crop That Embodies Sustainability