The Rebirth of an Ancient Wisdom

A time machine: that’s what they really are. The Intiwatanas (quechua word for sundials) are ancient artifacts made of stone, delicately polished and perfectly located to have the right angle to reflect the stars over the Earth.

These simple tools, by projecting shadows in the soil, helped the ancient to understand, for example, the fact that the Earth is a sphere just like the sun or other planet around it. The ancient astronomers left sculpted in stone this ancient information, just like in a book made of stone: a book with neither pages nor words but with such a fascinating knowledge behind that only can be read with an expert eye, in order to connect forever with the stars and leave a trace from the old times, to the future generations and beyond.

These unique pieces of art, architecture and astronomy represent a thousand years of research and investigation, to read the rhythm of the skies and to understand the connection with the above. The understanding of the sun cycles were very important for the daily life of the Incas, especially for activities such as breaking the soil, seeding and harvesting. This is why the sun became one of the most important deities in the highlands of Peru and along the whole range of the Andes.

To preserve this science and to create awareness, I’ve dedicated my time to reconstruct the by experiencing with my own eyes the connection between the sun and the movement of the earth. Rebuilding these time machines is the best thing that I can do to keep this tradition alive, in memory of those amazing stone builders, architects and astronomers who spent thousands of hours looking up to the skies, just like I do it today.

Know more about this ancient knowledge and see for yourself one of my self-constructed Intiwatanas in Lamay Lodge, as part of the Sacred Valley and Lares Adventure experience, especially constructed to hold a sun dial connected with the equinoxes and the zenith, that “GPS stone mark” the exact position of the lodge (13º south latitude). Come and join us in this unique and cultural experience!

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