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My Cusco experience with the little ones

Like everyone says, if you are visiting Machu Picchu, Cusco is not a town to pass through. It deserves a few days to explore. Based high in the Andes, its best to initially stay in Aguas Calientes to acclimatise to the higher altitude, especially with little ones in tow. Cusco is a beautiful city with many historical buildings and architecture. Due to its location, its bursting with culture, customs and traditions. Andean women dressed in beautiful coloured shawls and the iconic hats bring so much warmth and glow to the city.

Cusco is the sort of place you could sit in the main square people watching for ages, letting the kids play with other local children. Many people approach with their products, crafts and attire. Even baby alpacas can be seen wandering past every once in a while which intrigued the kids. There is a small courtyard behind Centro De Historico, besides from some other traditionally dressed alpacas hanging around, there is an amazing musician who can use just about anything as an instrument. Whether it’s a giant shell or a massive feather, he is one of the most entertaining and captivating street artists, I have ever come across. Even the children absolutely loved watching it.

The Choco Museo in the main part of town adds another insightful experience. They offer a shortened version of a chocolate workshop for kids. Starting off with putting an apron and chef hat on, the teacher runs through where cocoa comes from and how Peru contributes to the chocolate industry. Little chefs then get to make their very own bonbons to take away. As you can imagine making chocolates is any kids idea of heaven!

Photo: Karen Edwards @travelmadmum
| El Mercado Cusco

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